Vianet Beer Insight  

The Vianet Group provide a platform for the pub sector in the UK which collects data from nearly 250,000 devices connected to draught drinks.  Darls Communications created a report, the Beer Insight Report, bringing all the data together in one place.  The report is produced annually, for the hospitality sector which highlights how an operator can get the best return from its draught drink products and improve customer service. Darls were able to help Vianet communicate the results in a way that matched the sector's priorities in terms of sales, waste and service.

Darls Communications has the knowledge of the pub sector and the Vianet smart systems which enabled us to create the Insight Report using the data that was the most relevant and important to the pub operators.  They created reports that are easy to understand and get the message across clearly. Craig Brockleshurst - COO, Vianet Group