I love pubs

For those that know me, you know, I love pubs. In fact, I bloody love pubs and even loved pubs well before I started working in the sector. I always choose where I live based on the pub; where I stay based on the pub and where I walk and where I meet, all based on the pub. But why do I?

Pubs are one of the original British institutions; you don’t get them anywhere else in the world. Not the real thing anyway and the real thing is something we need to celebrate, use and enjoy every time we can.

I’m not talking about us all turning to alcohol! Pubs are simply so much more than that and that’s why I use them so much. My daughter had her first meal out in a pub; her first game of dominoes in one and will eventually, I know, enjoy her first big night out in one. In essence it sums up what pubs are for; just about everything, whether you are alone, with friends or family; working or getting away for a break.

That’s why we all have a responsibility to look after them. If we go into a pub and there’s a warm welcome and cheerful staff we immediately feel at home; that’s what pubs are supposed to do – make people feel they’ve come to a home where they are going to be looked after and cared for. I’d even go as far as saying pubs are good for your health! We laugh, cry or just chew the fat in them, we meet people from all walks of life, many of whom become lifelong friends or partners.

It’s all our jobs to shout about the Great British pub, so when you are thinking about where to meet or visit; think pub first and if it turns out to be anything other than the proper pub we love, respect and cherish, tell them – we have a moral obligation and responsibility to keep them as a central part of British culture; a big part of our DNA – we can all play a part..

What do you love about the pub?

Pictured my local village pub, The Grundisburgh Dog in Grundisburgh, Suffolk

#pubs #GrundisburghDog #Suffolk

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