I love pies

I can honestly say that one of the best pleasures in my life is eating a great pie! I literally love pies. I don’t know why. It could be from my childhood; my mum was a real big pie maker with my dad taking a full meat pie for his “bait” as he worked in the shipyards in Wallsend, Newcastle. Or just my northern roots where pies were a significant part of my diet, from steak and kidney to egg and bacon.

That upbringing has probably made me a little bit fussy too about the pie on my plate when I'm in a pub. I hated the 90’s where it was acceptable for pubs to call a pie a pie with just a flaky pastry top! I mean, come on, whoever thought that was right! Thankfully today, the proper pie has undergone a resurgence. Probably in some way down to the British Pie Week which aims to celebrate everything that is so right about a pie.

They now come in all shapes and sizes, with different fillings and pastries but what a great pie does is fill you with a sense of wellbeing, that everything is right in the world. For me, it must be a perfect shortcrust pastry, fully encrusted with either a steak and ale filling or a good dose of chicken with leek or mushroom.

A bad pie though is as good as ripping the heart out of British food. It’s not acceptable and often puts me in a bad mood!

Thankfully I’ve found pie makers today are as passionate in making their pies standout especially in the good old British pub. They understand how a great pie makes someone feel; the comfort it brings, and I’ve had the fortune of trying some fab ones recently including the steak, stilton and ale pie at the Cotswold Gateway Hotel in Burford; truly delicious. So for British Pie Week 2018 let's look forward to seeing our great pubs create some fantastic pies.

What’s your favourite?

Pictured:One of the great pies I had the fortune to eat at the Crown in Devizes!

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