I love food

Anyone who knows me, knows I love food. In fact, I adore food; everything about it; all the flavours, the look, the variety; just everything.

Working away from home for the last few years has given me plenty of chances to get my food fix by eating out and trying different dishes as well as some old favourites – don’t get me on pies or fish and chips – that’s for another day!!

What I have seen in my quest to satisfy my appetite, is the huge range of food we now have on offer in the UK. I recall my first visit to the States 30 years ago and being astounded by the international food to try, the quality and the diversity of it. On visiting again in 2017 I was equally shocked that they hadn’t moved on that much, but here in the UK we certainly have. We’ve got street food, pubs that create innovative menus with fresh produce and casual dining outlets offering premium burgers to noodles, any which way, from around the world. Even though, in the last few months a portion of the casual dining market appears to be hitting a bit of a slump, it continues to be nourishing times, especially for our stomachs!

It may be our multicultural and adventurous spirit that’s brought even more gastronomic flavours to our plates or our need to try something different but one thing for sure, the Great British Pub hasn't let us down in our expectations. As I class myself as an expert on pub food it's really exciting to see so many more pubs inspiring their chefs to take their menus to a whole new level. What really stands out is that you can now get a premium eating experience whilst still enjoying the informal and comfortable ambiance of a British pub - that's just perfect.

So, with Spring upon us, its tasting times as pubs and casual dining restaurants launch their new seasonal dishes and menus. We need to celebrate their efforts and tuck in!

Pictured: This wonderful dish of prawns and scallops from the Bird in Hand pub in Knowl Hill near Reading enjoyed with a selection of wines chosen by @joefattorini recently.

Now what’s for dinner?

What do you love about food?

Pictured: This wonderful dish of prawns and scallops from the Bird in Hand pub in Knowl I had the fortune of eating with @joefattorini recently

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