Plan it, Stock it, Staff it - The Nation is set to celebrate

On May 19th it will be nearly two years since Britain made a decision that changed it beyond all recognition. And Brexit and its aftermath are set to continue as we progress into further uncertainty. With that, one thing the public wants, is even desperate for, is an excuse to come together and celebrate. That’s where the Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan comes in and pubs are at the forefront of answering that call and providing just what the Nation needs.

Yes, just like Brexit, there are mixed feelings about the whole event; the money, the expense, the establishment itself, but that aside, the people living in this country need this even if they don’t know it yet.

As a pub, it’s your duty to sort out your calendar of events to bring your public together on May the 18th and 19th. Plan it, stock it, staff it and watch your pub bring the community together in what will probably be the most celebratory day we’ve had in a long time. So pubs, with the extended opening hours - there's no excuse; do your bit, bring back a sense of pride to the Nation and give people a chance to raise a toast and congratulate the happy couple in a pub. It is, after all, what the Great British pub is famous for.

Wadworth Brewery in Devizes are brewing a special beer, Suits You Sir to celebrate the day and we are sure to see many more.

#RoyalWedding #MeghanMarkle #PrinceHarry #GreatBritishPubs

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