J’adore la bière

Or to us Brits, I love beer! I’ve worked with beer for years so I understand the fanatical love we have for our British tipple. Now its popularity has filtered out further afield and there is a big and exciting new market evolving. Something our regional and micro brewers need to take advantage of and quick.

Having spent some days last year in Bordeaux selling British beer to the French I was amazed at the young audience craving beer. Working in France all this summer confirmed that they are clearly changing their tastes and more and more of them are choosing beer over their own national drink, wine.

It was also confirmed by Paris Match, France’s favourite current affairs magazine which also reported on the phenomenon this August, stating 3.46 million euros was spent on beer by the French in 2017 compared with 2.67 million in 2013. It’s not in supermarkets where the growth is coming from; the French are choosing to drink it when they go out with the number of brasseries (their bars) growing from 700 in 2013 to 1,280 in 2017.

And guess what their favourite beer is? It’s the notable Indian Pale Ale, just like in the UK. I saw this for myself in the British pubs that populate Bordeaux city centre with a mass of under 35’s drinking pints of IPA at a minimum of 6% abv.

All in all this market is growing at a fantastic rate. It’s even more important to brewers who brew less than 200,000 hectolitres per annum as excise duty is 50% lower for those purchasing the beer in France from a brewer of this size. Offering beers from these brewers creates a much better margin for the wholesalers and bar operators as well as providing unique and artisan beers for their customers.

When you are next in France check out the beers on the bar, there’s a far greater choice and join the French in the adoration of la bière! Santé!

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