An office in a pub - yes please

You know I love pubs. They are, after all, a pretty big part of my home and working life; I spend a lot of time in them socially and I also get to work in them. Not behind the bar or in the kitchen like the real people but most days I use a pub as my office.

Pubs as offices have become so much more important over the years as more and more people work from home, are field based or just find it more convenient to meet in a pub.

When you use a pub as your office, you really get to appreciate a great place and what makes it so. The people working to provide a fantastic offer whatever the occasion, the warm and comfortable environment where you can sit as quietly or as noisily as you want, really good coffee, a power socket and fast wifi.

As more and more pubs are receiving investments from the key players in the industry, we are really getting a great choice of office space and I’m excited about it. Who would have thought that the boozers of yesteryear would provide such great work spaces from breakfast for so much of the population. We are lucky that our pubs are adapting and looking after such a diverse range of customers, at all times of day and night. So, here’s to tomorrow and the Great British Pub, where am I going to park myself?

The Red Lion pub in Woodbridge, Suffolk just undergoing a transformation by pub owners Punch and opening the end of March 2019. Looking forward to trying this.

#greatbritishpub #lovepubs #lucky #Woodbridge

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