A message to pub customers in England

We in the hospitality sector are so grateful that you are coming back and visiting us. Spending your cash in our outlets. We need you and we want you, but we ask you to do one thing for us. Stick to the rules so we stay open as Covid Secure outlets. The EHO have the power to close our sites if we are not Covid Secure so please don’t put us in a position where your booking can jeopardise our livelihoods and our businesses. We ask you to do the following:

If you are out in a crowd – it’s 6 people from individual households that can be together.

If there are ten of you and you are not from two households only, you are putting our pubs, restaurants and venues at risk.

The more we break the guidelines saying “It’s only ten of us, it won’t make any difference”, the longer our hospitality sector will be constrained by these guidelines, the less money they will make and the less people they will employ. Oh, and if you have forgotten, the guidance is there to protect us from this horrible virus called Covid- 19. #Sticktotheguidance #inittogether #eatouttohelpout #covid19

Guidelines correct August 2020.

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